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Every chimney is different; depending on the requirements of the apptiance, the condition of the flue and the age of the property. So we have a range of options to suit your exact requirements down to the ground. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation.



No wonder our high quality stainless steel linings have proved to be so popular.They are quick and easy to install, and are suitable for all gas and most solid fuel appliances. Due to the ease of installation, these linings are usually the most cost-effective option. However, they do not provide any structural support to old or weak chimneys.


Chimneycrete are one of the leading installers of this system in the UK. And it has already been tried, tested and proven in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. An application chute is drawn up the chimney, coating all the walls with a uniform ceramic coating. This lining is so tough and hard- wearing that it is guaranteed for 25 years and has a life expectancy of over half a century. Suitable for all gas and solid fuel appliances.


This is one of the most robust, long lasting and effective lining systems available. It is ideally suited for properties over 100 years old and can rescue situations where there has been the most severe deterioration.An inflatable tube is passed down the chimney. This is then secured in a central position by spacer blocks incorporated at inspection holes at points along the length of the flue. A specially formulated concrete is pumped between the tube and the chimney wall, effectively filling up every crack and joint. This has the added benefit of permanently strengthening the entire chimney structure from the inside. After the concrete has hardened, the tube is simply deflated and removed, leaving you with a superior lining which is easy to clean and has increased efficiency.

This lining has a 60 year life expectancy and is also covered by our comprehensive 25 year guarantee.